SMD Made Easy
SMD Made Easy


User printable labels
to identify every component with ease. We provide label stickers and template be printed on any commercial printer
Transparent window
To Alert the user on the last roll of the reel. There would still be last reel components left, giving users time to replinish the reel
Store LooseComponents
A small slider compartment is provided to store loose unused components off the reel.
Peel Away
The top plastic cover can be pulled out exposing the component for soldering.
Clip Grip
These clips ensure that the mags stays in the base while pulling the reel. The clip design makes it natural for the user to pull out the mag from the base
Variable ReelThickness
Our spring loaded plunger design helps us to support variable reel thickness upto 10mm.
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Three Colors to

Resistors Capacitors Everything else.

Size & Capacity
With our sleek mag designs, they fit within your workspace table providing a hinderance free work environment
Check out our amazing 3D printed Reelmags in various forms and settings.
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in just three easy steps!!

Here is a limited time contest for a lucky winner to bag a Reelmag unit.

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